Outside Catering Menu


Mixed Pastries
(Croissant, Apricot crown, Vanilla Crown, pan-au-chocolate, cinnamon swirl)
Fruit bowl
Bacon Baps

Standard Sandwich Platter
(Egg Mayo, Cheese, Ham & Tuna Mayo)

Luxury Sandwich Platter
(Chicken & Bacon Mayo, Beef, Prawn in seafood sauce & BLT)
Baguette/wrap platter
(Chicken Tikka with lettuce, Egg Mayo & tomato, Cheese & Pickle, Tuna Mayo with sweetcorn)

Pork platter
(Sausage rolls, Pork pies, & Cocktail Sausages)

Sausage Rolls
Chicken Dippers
Fruit bowl
Crisp bowl

Sweet Treats
Cream Tea
(scone, butter, jam & Clotted cream)
8” Homemade Cake
(Victoria, Chocolate, Lemon or Coffee & Walnut,)
(serves 12-16 people, half & half an option)
Ring Doughnuts
(Glazed, Strawberry, Sugared, Chocolate)

Our platters are ideal for working lunches as well as social events. Each platter can have a variety of different foods depending on your choice. We are about convenience, giving you fresh sandwiches and nibbles perfect for meetings or group meals. Please contact us for a consultation, so we can discuss a bespoke package to meet your needs.